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Released June 15, 2015


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This is my FAVORITE SONG!!! I probably listen to it 20 times a week! Thank you Michael for breathing life into this classic! I hope to hear you sing it live one day!!!!!!!! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago  ·  

Hello Michael, i followed the show from South of France, and i Love your voice. Did you release a CD already ? thank you and continue the same way, you have a great voice and talent :) ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago  ·  

Hi Michael,first off congrats on finally being recognized with this beautiful gift you have ! It was way overdue, but I dont need to tell you this. My name is Donna and unfortunately I now reside in Arizona LOL, originally from Brooklyn, New York. Anyway one of my jobs is working at an American Legion , I do not know about you but I feel our Soldiers really do not get what is deserved as well as our Veterans. Our post is nothing elaborate, probably like the places you would perform at in the beginning of your career. The main thing is these Vets really look out for one another and I love it ! We have entertainment on weekends , Karaoke , you should see these 90 years old vets sing their butts off, its great . Anyway being the so humble ,real nice young man that you are , was wondering if there was anyway of you , Mr. Grimm maybe helping us out by sharing that beautiful voice with us and hopefully bring in some business !!! Hoping to hear back from you !!!! ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago  ·  

Black and White // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  1. Black and White // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  2. Generation Next // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  3. The Tide // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  4. Bliss // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  5. Lonely // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  6. Goodbye Sammy // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"