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Released June 15, 2015


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Just wanted to let u know how your music has affected my life. A fan since American idol

A past love of mine had been looking for me as I her on FB me no luck. Last name changes for women. But she did find me as I was going through a nasty divorce and her husband had died 2yrs ago with cancer.
We started talking again after sum 30yrs with not seeing or hearing from eachother and made the connection like we never missed a day well we started talking about music as I have good taste and I asked her if she herd of u Michael Grimm and the song The Reason she had not so I introduced her to both and now is her favorite and I have it set as my alarm on my phone for her. The song says so much about the way we not feel has touched both us and we have fallen in love all over and we plan on getting married and this is our wedding song that we will dance to.
My god if I could only afford to have u come just u and your acoustic guitar and play for her “The Reason” would be the most amazing gift I could ever give to Christine Dinger Martinez. My wedding gift from James Romero. Thank you so much for your music. Hope all is good in your life
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3 days ago  ·  

Please come to Charleston,WV. Clay Center is the main venue. Love your sound. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago  ·  

Please try to visit Charleston,WV. Clay center is a venue. Have loved watching your performances on YouTube. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago  ·  

Generation Next // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  1. Generation Next // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  2. Bliss // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  3. Black and White // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  4. Goodbye Sammy // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  5. The Tide // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  6. Lonely // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"