Show Details
Date : 3 / Jan / 2015
Time : 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Address : The Silverton 3333 Blue Diamond Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89139
Tel : 702.914.8557


Veil Showroom @ The Silverton Casino

Michael Grimm in show format – “Grimm”

Join Michael and the entire band for this 90-min show, as he sheds new light on stories of his past and present, sharing moments in his career as well as a few of his personal favorite songs and inspirations. A visional and auditory journey of Grimm’s fairytale story.

Michael was first recognized on TV for his rendition of “You Don’t Know Me,” but after this show is over, perhaps you will know Michael a little bit more.

Room will feature tiered seating, a meet & greet option, bar refreshments and two dance floors.

The casino has plenty of restaurants and beautiful hotel rooms available for out of town guests!

Generation Next // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  1. Generation Next // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  2. Goodbye Sammy // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  3. Black and White // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  4. The Tide // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  5. Lonely // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  6. Bliss // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"