Michael Grimm

Performer of the Year 2015
09 December 2015

Michael Grimm – Performer of the Year!

Last night, after performing two songs for the PN Las Vegas Personalities and Performers Award Concert, Michael Grimm is honored by the United States Senate, United States Congress and PN Las Vegas as the 2015 Performer of the Year! Michael with Luke Perry of PN Las Vegas.


Dean Heller from the United States Senate presented Michael with a Senatorial Recognition:

dean heller

Joe Heck, our United States Congress Representative, presented Michael with a Certificate of Special Recognition:

joe heck

And finally – PN Las Vegas presented Michael with a poster to commemorate:

performer of the year

photo credit on the poster above: Shelley Davies

6 Responses

  1. Katherine

    Congratulations you truly deserve this honor. I watched you all the way thru on AGT and cheered for you from the start. You are awesome.

  2. Gayle Wilson

    Michael please come as close as you can to Vancouver, B.C in Canada We would love you to do a concert for us Canadians. Love your music, love you

  3. Mary McClure

    Michael – I voted for you on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent & you deserved to win & I love to listen to you. I plan to come see you in Branson Oct 12, 2016. I hope I get to meet you. I never knew that I loved soul music till I heard you & I listened to you on-line a lot ever since. Congratulations for your recognition & awards. I wish I could know you 7 your g’parents & wife, All of you are so genuine – I can tell. How do we get tickets?? You are my favorite singer. Mary McClure

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