The Lift

This is a 36 x 60 multi-median piece entitled "The Lift." Inspired by steam punk art, the piece's meaning is about friends that lift you up and keep you from falling when life becomes unbearable. It also has a hidden feature that allows you to light the heart. This sold at Auction.

Project Info

Client Sold at Auction
Skills Metal, Acrylic, Fabric

Project Description

Bliss // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  1. Bliss // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  2. Generation Next // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  3. Black and White // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  4. Lonely // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  5. The Tide // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"
  6. Goodbye Sammy // Michael Grimm - "Grimm"