Rudolf Music “Grimm” Review & Interview

Michael Grimm – Grimm by Rudolf  Link to original publication: (Translated from Dutch) Michael Grimm as artist of great qualities have proves the fact that he won in 2010 ‘America’s Got Talent’. The 36-year-old American singer Michael Grimm from Henderson, Nevada shifts on his sixth album already the focus of... Read More
September 2015

Belgium reviews Grimm Album

De 36-jarige Amerikaanse soulzanger Michael Grimm uit Henderson, Nevada was in september 2010 de uiteindelijke winnaar van het vijfde seizoen van de zangwedstrijd ‘America’s Got Talent’ die op de televisiezender NBC werd uitgezonden. Het liedje waarmee hij de finale won, was “When A Man Loves A Woman” van Percy Sledge.... Read More
August 2015

Michael Grimm and the power of persistence

Luckily for Michael Grimm, the first search result for his name on Google is for his website,, with only several of the ensuing entries being about the disgraced New York congressman who shares his name. “I have to tell people to make sure they put ‘music’ after my name,” he laughs,... Read More
July 2015

Music Review: Michael Grimm – ‘Grimm’

America’s Got Talent Season 5 winner Michael Grimm‘s sixth album, Grimm, features songwriting that’s sophisticated and catchy, with earthy guitar-driven arrangements, clear and expressly masculine vocals, and melodic hooks, all of which give the album a not-of-its-time flavor. You can hear why it made sense to send Grimm on tour with Stevie Nicks... Read More
July 2015

Junior’s Cave Interview With Michael Grimm

Junior’s Cave Music Interview with Singer/Songwriter, Michael Grimm Early Summer (August 01, 2015 – September 01, 2015) Edition Miles High Productions Music Series by Isaac Davis Junior, BGS, MBA Singer/Songwriter Michael Grimm Album Cover: GRIMM Michael Grimm charmed millions of viewers as a contestant on season five (2010) of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” Grimm... Read More
July 2015

CD Spotlight: ‘Grimm’ by Michael Grimm

CD Spotlight: ‘Grimm’ by Michael Grimm Michael Grimm’s new CD, Grimm, features a dozen pop, rock and blues songs. Key tracks include Black and White, The Tide and The Wind. Press Release – With his soulful voice and earthy, Southern manner, MICHAEL GRIMM charmed millions of viewers as a contestant... Read More
July 2015
Proud Mary // Michael Grimm - Live
  1. Proud Mary // Michael Grimm - Live
  2. You Can Leave Your Hat On // Michael Grimm - Leave Your Hat On
  3. Born On The Bayou // Michael Grimm - Gumbo
  4. Try A Little Tenderness // Michael Grimm - Leave Your Hat On
  5. Gasoline and Matches (feat. Ann Wilson) // Michael Grimm feat. Ann Wilson - Michael Grimm
  6. Old Biloxi // Michael Grimm - I AM