Fan Club

Michael Grimm has a large international fan base. During Michael’s appearance on America’s Got Talent over 4 million viewers tuned in to the finale. From here, the hardcore fans found Michael on Facebook and his international fan base was created. Fans are from the USA, Canada, UK, Egypt, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Poland and more. Join the Official Michael Grimm Fan Page for interactions with Michael, photos, show news, updates and so much more! The fan page is run by a group of administrators but Michael is on there regularly interacting with his fans.

Fans of Michael Grimm

Out of this hardcore international fan base, a couple of private groups emerged, The Grimmlins and The Grimmettes. Both fan clubs are run by fans and have been officially recognized and endorsed by Michael Grimm. The two groups even have their own line of merchandise on the Michael Grimm store to show their pride. These clubs share their experiences, hold contests, give away Grimm gear and even schedule private get-togethers while keeping fans in touch with what is new in Michael Grimm’s world. You will also find these clubs popping up in new countries like New Zealand.

Grimmlins & Grimmettes

Born On The Bayou // Michael Grimm - Gumbo
  1. Born On The Bayou // Michael Grimm - Gumbo
  2. Old Biloxi // Michael Grimm - I AM
  3. You Can Leave Your Hat On // Michael Grimm - Leave Your Hat On
  4. Proud Mary // Michael Grimm - Live
  5. Gasoline and Matches (feat. Ann Wilson) // Michael Grimm feat. Ann Wilson - Michael Grimm
  6. Try A Little Tenderness // Michael Grimm - Leave Your Hat On