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22 August 2014

Grimm Reinventing Himself

This week, Michael Grimm underwent a transformation! With new changes in store for the crooner, Grimm decided he wanted a whole new look to compliment the new changes in his life, along with the new upcoming Spring album.

“I’m rebranding myself!” he says.

Grimm was controlled by various entities since the success of America’s Got Talent and for the first time a several years, Grimm has had the freedom to explore his style a little more in depth, fine-tuning his sound and transforming his goals and out-looks. We can expect to see some incredible changes coming up for Grimm that can only propel him upwards.

Along with his new look, came a new photoshoot with the incredible Jerry Metellus, who is a genius at bringing out the inner soul of his subjects, and fans can expect to see the new image revealed in the next couple weeks along with some very exciting announcements!

IMG_4301 IMG_4304 IMG_4298


“It’s nothing but good changes,” says Grimm, “and I think the fans will love it!”

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  1. Dorothy Hixon

    It’s nothing, but good changes, that is for sure. Everyone needs to make changes in their life at one point or another and the changes you have made so far are wonderful. I like the direction you are taking your music and looking forward to whatever you have planned of future shows.

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