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Michael Grimm has joined forces with Jamie & Drew. Now a partner in his own project and record label “Studio 824”, GAME ON!!!!!

With his 2010 “Americas Got Talent” victory and a subsequent “Epic Records” recording contract behind him, Michael is resurfacing with his latest and best material to date, but this time Michael is dedicated to his fans and his own musical direction and desires! With the fame brought on by 4 million voting fans the perceived success for Michael was overwhelming! With all of America discovering the talent of Michael Grimm, it was inevitable that America’s corporate recording industry would also catch wind of his soulful voice and bluesy approach. With all good intentions, Michael’s talent started to get lost in the conflicting agendas of the corporate record companies and the big machine management style that had his musical style locked down to a specific path, and not necessarily the path that he wanted to be on. Michael’s musical direction and desire to create a more eclectic and diverse project was put on hold and all but lost in the shuffle of the big machine.

It was Christmas day, 2013 that my long time friends, Michael and Lucie Grimm, came to my home to spend the evening playing music and getting caught up after being out of contact for several years. Although I had followed Grimm’s career very closely with both of us playing very different show schedules, our contact faded; life took its toll on our ability to just hang out. On this festive day, with a cheap acoustic guitar, an out of tune piano, spoons & forks, a book (used as a drum), a wine glass as a cymbal, and our families gathered around laughing and singing, Michael and I made music for the first time in longer than I care to remember, it was a blast.

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Proud Mary // Michael Grimm - Live
  1. Proud Mary // Michael Grimm - Live
  2. Try A Little Tenderness // Michael Grimm - Leave Your Hat On
  3. Old Biloxi // Michael Grimm - I AM
  4. You Can Leave Your Hat On // Michael Grimm - Leave Your Hat On
  5. Gasoline and Matches (feat. Ann Wilson) // Michael Grimm feat. Ann Wilson - Michael Grimm
  6. Born On The Bayou // Michael Grimm - Gumbo