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The new album, entitled Gumbo, is a compilation of various songs in various genres, giving you a taste of what Michael’s four-disk release will include. Gumbo will feature originals and covers while being a self-made product from the inside out. Leaving technology at the door, Michael releases an album that is raw, unplugged and artistically his – all the way down to the cover art, which depicts the band that played on the album painted in Michael’s very hand… a true artist!

Title Tracks include:

1. Crazy Love

2. Is This Love

3. Wide River to Cross

4. Without Expression

5. Born on the Bayou

6. Michelle

7. Don’t Dream It’s Over

8. Gasoline Alley

9 – 11 are Surprise bonus tracks of Michael’s never before released Originals!


This album features Michael Grimm with musicians Bruce Wallace, John Wedemeyer, Dave Hart and Jim Buck (depicted from left to right on the album cover). Also making cameos on the album are Lenny Lopez, Danny Garay, Ines Zak and Lucie Zolcerova.

“This is a fun summer album of some of my favorites that I wanted to give to the fans to enjoy,” says Michael.


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Try A Little Tenderness // Michael Grimm - Leave Your Hat On
  1. Try A Little Tenderness // Michael Grimm - Leave Your Hat On
  2. Proud Mary // Michael Grimm - Live
  3. Gasoline and Matches (feat. Ann Wilson) // Michael Grimm feat. Ann Wilson - Michael Grimm
  4. Born On The Bayou // Michael Grimm - Gumbo
  5. You Can Leave Your Hat On // Michael Grimm - Leave Your Hat On
  6. Old Biloxi // Michael Grimm - I AM